Projects under implementation


The Federation of Metropolitan Areas and Conurbations in Romania (in partnership with OMA and other metropolitan areas in Romania) implement - within the Operational Programme for the Development of Administrative Capacity – a project (POLYCENTRIC) with the direct beneficiaries: twenty municipalities, declared growth poles and poles of urban development in Romania, according to GD 998/2008.

This project’s objective is to improve the administrative capacity of the Federation of Metropolitan Areas and Conurbations in Romania, to represent the poles of growth and urban development in relation to the relevant public institutions compared to the polycentric development at the national level (Ministry of Regional Development and Administration, Ministry of Finance).

The estimated results of the project consist in the creation of a nationwide Working Group in the polycentric development field, organizing five regional workshops regarding polycentric development, developing a study regarding the nationwide level of polycentric development, setting-up a national conference for closing partnerships with the public institutions relevant to the polycentric development, proposals of legislation which allows the growth of the political and institutional capacity of Metropolitan Areas in Romania.


Polycentric development is a relatively new concept in Romania, this process being legally initiated through H.G. 998/2008.

  • growth poles (7) : Braşov, Cluj Napoca, Constanţa, Craiova, Iaşi, Ploieşti şi Timişoara
  • urban development poles (13) : Arad, Baia Mare, Brăila, Bacău, Deva, Galaţi, Oradea, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Piteşti, Tirgu Mureş, Sibiu,Satu Mare şi Suceava.


The Polycentric development implies a triple approach:

  • Institutional, by creating legal entities which must have the administrative capacity to support this process. This is accomplished by the possibility of creating intercommunity development associations as metropolitan areas or conurbations according to Law 215/2001 on local public administration.
  • Territorial, by defining a spatial development concept of the conurbations and metropolitan areas, this is insufficiently regulated by Law 351/2001 on national planning.
  • Financial, by creating funding mechanisms that will use the national budget and the metropolitan areas and conurbations budget, established in the growth poles and the urban development poles. This is insufficiently regulated by Law 273/2006 on local public finances.

Financing Source

  • The Operational Programme for the Development of the Administrative Capacity;
  • Priority Axis 1 – Improvement of structure and management of the public policy cycle;
  • Area of intervention 1.1 – Improvement of the political-administrative decision making;
  • Operation – The capacity growth of NGO`s to collaborate with the public institutions in Romania.

Target Group

The project aims to establish and to train a working group of specialists in metropolitan development (20 people) who will actively participate in supporting the process of polycentric development of Romania.

The project also addresses the 20 municipalities in Romania, reported as growth poles and poles of urban development, according to GD 998/2008, which will have representation in relation to ministries through FZMAUR.


Activity 1. Setting the target group (20 persons), consisting in specialists in polycentric development through their designation by each municipality with the status of growth pole or pole of urban development, in order to create a nationwide interactive network.

Activity 2. Training the target group in strategic planning and polycentric development, local economic development, institutional development and spatial planning.

Activity 3. Development of a website to facilitate communication between members of the target group.

Activity 4. Organizing 5 regional debates (Brasov, Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara and Oradea) for the consultation with representatives of growth poles and poles of urban development, regarding the polycentric development process.

Activity 5. Setting-up a study regarding the level of polycentric development of Romania.

Activity 6. Organizing nationwide conference for signing strategic partnerships with the three ministries.

Project duration: 12 months.

Means and resources:

Material resources needed to implement the project: 20 laptops, 1 PC, 1 multifunction printer, phone, fax.

Estimated results:

  • A total of 20 trained professionals that form a nationwide interactive network;
  • Modern equipment for the functioning of the interactive network;
  • Website for information and communication;
  • A study regarding the Romanian state polycentric development;
  • Three strategic partnerships formed with the ministries;
  • Five regional seminars regarding the polycentric development (Oradea, Iasi, Constanta, Brasov, Timisoara);
  • One national conference for signing the partnership;
  • 2000 brochures with the main findings of the study;
  • 20,000 leaflets to promote the project.

Value of the project:

The total value excluding VAT: 490 090 LEI

OP Grant: 480,098 LEI

Co 2%: 9,992 LEI

VA T: 73 310 LEI

Project status:

The project is in the implementation phase since November 21, 2012.

Sources of pre-financing:

  • OP-advance: 10% of the eligible
  • memberships
  • loans to members


The twenty trained specialists will use the newly acquired knowledge in the work and development within urban growth poles and urban development poles, and the Federation of Metropolitan Areas and Conurbations in Romania (FZMAUR), thereby increasing the administrative capacity of the entities mentioned.
Based on the knowledge gained, these people will be able to actively participate in the support of polycentric development, both at the pole that appointed them, and nationally through FZMAUR.
The human resources network thereby established will contribute to a better functioning of the federation, thus contributing to achieving the goals of the memorandum and the articles of the Association.