Public Utilities - APAREGIO

Intercommunity Development Association APAREGIO Oradea was founded on 18.02.2008 and is set up under the Local Public Administration Law 215/2001 republished and modified, community services of public utilities Law no. 51/2006 with subsequent amendments, Law of public service, water and sewer no. 241/2006 with subsequent amendments and the Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 on associations and foundations approved, amended and supplemented.

Association is a legal entity of private law with public utility status.

Founding members of the association are: Bihor County, localities: Oradea, Beius, Nucet, Vascau, Biharia, Bors, Ceica, Cetariu, Copacel, Dragesti, Girisu de Cris, Hidiselu de Sus, Ineu, Lazareni, Nojorid, Osorhei, Paleu, Sacadat, Sînmartin, Sîntandrei, Tinca, Toboliu.

Association was founded for the purpose of regulation, setting up, organizing, financing, operation, monitoring and management of common water service and sewerage within the competence of local governments and for the joint execution of investment projects, for setting up, modernization and / or development, as appropriate, of public utility systems related to service of water and sewerage, based on its development strategy.

The common interest for founding the association is the general interest of the inhabitants of the area and of local governments to improve the quality of service , in terms of rates to be within the affordability of the population and the "polluter pays" principle, and to achieve European standards regarding environmental protection, and increased ability to attract funds to finance necessary investments in technical infrastructure of urban water supply and sewerage.

Following the association agreements within ADI APAREGIO, we proceeded to delegate the management of water services and sanitation, based on which Compania de Apa Oradea SA has fulfilled one of eligibility conditions for obtaining the necessary financing investments through the Sectoral Operational Programme Environment 2007 - 2013.

Running these investments is the main purpose, in compliance with the Plan of Implementation of Community legislation of Romania's Accession Treaty to the European Union.

Following the issue of funding decision no. 2011/2034 from 05.04.2011 by the European Commission, resulting from inspections, modifications and additions made during the evaluation and selection process based on criteria established by the European Commission Regulations and Environment Operational Programme, on 18.04.2011 was signed between the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Compania de Apa Oradea SA, the financing agreement no. 121230 - "Extension and modernization of water and wastewater in Bihor County."

Financing agreement between SC Compania de Apa Oradea SA (as delegated public service operator) and the Managing Authority for Sectoral Operational Programme is of total amount of 300,624,265 lei, plus VAT. Responsibility for project implementation is of SC Compania de Apa Oradea SA, in cooperation with the ADI APAREGIO.

Performance indicators to be achieved by application of Environment SOP funded from Cohesion Funds:

Drinking water

  • Coverage of service
    • Before the project - 91.5%
    • After the project – 99,6%
  • Kilometers of water distribution network included in the project
    • Replacement – 56,8 km
    • Expansion - 82,4 Km
  • Km of new adduction pipes
    • Expansion – 40,5 Km
  • Number of treatment plants / pumping involved
    • new water pumping stations - 2
    • new pumping stations hydrophore type – 7
    • new water treatment stations – 4


  • Coverage of service
    • Before the project- 83%
    • After the project – 98,9%
  • Km of sewerage network included in the project
    • Replacement – 34,1 km
    • Expansion – 126,1 Km
  • Km of new collectors transfer / discharge pipelines for wastewater
    • Expansion – 32,1 Km
  • Number of wastewater pumping stations / treatment involved
    • new wastewater pumping stations - 24
    • new treatment stations – 2