Intercommunity Development Association TRANSREGIO

1. Constituents

Localities Oradea and Bors have associated in order to found the Intercommunity Development Association for public utilities for local public transport service TRANSREGIO in accordance with the Local Public Administration Law no. 215/2001, republished, with subsequent amendments, Law No. 51/2006 of public utilities services, as amended and supplemented, of Law no. 92/2007 on local public transport services and the Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 on associations and foundations, approved with amendments by Law no. 246/2005, having private legal personality, with public utility status.

2. Purpose and Objectives

The association was founded with the purpose of setting up, organization, regulation, operation, monitoring and joint management of public transport service within the competence of the administrative-territorial units, and for the joint investment projects of local interest or public regional financing, for the establishment, modernization and / or development, as appropriate, of public utility systems related to this specific Service. Management form will be determined under applicable law (Order 182/2011) by the licensing authority , that will be realised under several contracts awarded to operators, according to Law no. 51/2006 and the following principles:

  1. promoting a competition between transport operators, respectively authorized transport operators
  2. ensuring equal access for transport operators and authorised operators to local public transport market;
  3. the enforcement of rights and interests of local public transport service;
  4. solving economic, social and environmental aspects of localities involved;
  5. efficient management of goods transport systems belonging to the administrative-territorial property;
  6. the efficient use of public funds in the management or enforcement of local public transport service;
  7. travel safe and comfortable, including providing risk ensurance for goods and people transported;
  8. to ensure the enforcement of local public transport bearable in the rate of transport;
  9. full recovery of operating costs, rehabilitation and development through fees / charges incurred by the direct beneficiaries of transport, hereinafter users, and by funding from local budgets, ensuring a reasonable profit for transport operators and authorized operators;
  10. autonomy and financial independence of transport operators and authorized operators
  11. economic development of localities involved by creating a modern transport infrastructure;
  12. meeting the priority needs of the population, the staff of public institutions and economic operators within administrative units with quality services;
  13. protection of disadvantaged people by compensating the cost of transport from the local budget;
  14. tariff integration by using a single type of travel card for all public transport by scheduled transportation;
  15. dispatching local public transport for people, by issuing permanent programs;
  16. consultation with associations representing transport operators and / or authorized operators and users to establish local policies and strategies on local public transport and mode of operation of this service.

Associates declare that the common interest that led to the foundation of Association is the general interest of the inhabitants of the area of administrative-territorial units to improve service quality, in terms of rates and / or charges to be within the affordability of the population and the "polluter pays " principle, reaching the European environmental standards and increased capacity to attract funds to finance the necessary investments in infrastructure related to this service.

Association’s Objectives are the following:

  • to develop and approve the Service Development Strategy;
  • to monitor the implementation of investment projects in infrastructure of utilities related to the Service;
  • to provide the interface for discussion and be an active partner for local authorities regarding development and management aspects of the Service, in order to coordinate policies and actions of interest;
  • to develop and approve the technical specifications and regulations respecting public transport service in accordance with art. 23 paragraph (4) of Law no. 51/2006;
  • to develop and approve documentation of delegation of procurement and set conditions for participation and selection of operators, except direct award under Art. 311 of Law no. 51/2006, as amended and supplemented;
  • to conclude delegation contracts with operators, in the name and on behalf of the administrative-territorial units involved, as required by art. 30 of Law no. 51/2006, as amended and supplemented;
  • to monitor the execution of contracts of delegation and keep its members regularly informed about it, to pursue the obligations of operators (in particular the achievement of performance indicators, works entrusted to operators and quality of service) and, in accordance with the mandate received and contractual provisions, to apply contractual penalties;
  • to identify and propose any action to increase funding opportunities for investment projects in infrastructure;
  • to improve the planning of investments in infrastructure;
  • to establish primary and secondary routes and transportation programs on public passenger transport by scheduled routes ;
  • regular updating of transport routes and programs to the needs of population displacement and links between ways of delivering public transport services by bus, trolley and taxi;
  • preparation and implementation of programs regarding rehabilitation, expansion and modernization of local public transport
  • approval of feasibility studies on the establishment, rehabilitation, modernization and extension of part or all local public transport system, owned by public or private administrative units or in the administration of local authorities;
  • authorizing the transport operators to perform the local public transport service;
  • developing local norms and regulations of local public transport services, in consultation with professional associations and employers' representatives of road transport operators and authorized operators and regional trade union organizations in the field;
  • to establish, adjust and change fees for travel on local public transport service for people with the legal provisions on how service management;
  • to ensure the budgetary resources to support all or part of public passenger transport costs for some disadvantaged groups, established by decisions of the Association.