Public Private Partnerships

Attracting of investments in the urban and rural areas of Oradea Metropolitan Area represents one of the main priorities for all the associated local public authorities and it is subsumed to the polycentric development principle. The approach of encouraging of private investments for the development/local economy diversification supposes first of all, the identification of available lands for investments owned by the local authorities, and secondly, the inventorying of its main technical characteristics,in order to offer to potential investors the most accurate information.

If, the policy of establishing of industrial parks at the level of the City of Oradea, was the most appropriated solution for attracting of private investments and generating of an important number of employments, at the level of the rural space, the potential investments could comprise a large array of domains (from agriculture, zootechnics, residential and industry), therefore emphasizing the diversity of investments opportunities at the level of this territorial area.

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