Being composed by two villages - Toboliu (administrative seat) and Cheresig – the local authority was established by Law no. 375 of 28 December 2007 that referred to the re-organization of Girişu de Criș following a referendum held there in the November 20, 2005, that expressed local option that Toboliu should be separated and reorganized in a new local authority.

The composing villages date from 1213 (Toboliu), and 1289 (Cheresig). Toboliu is located in the south west of Bihor county, 20 km from Oradea. To the north it neighbors Girişu de Criş (Girişu de Criş and Tărian), to the east Nojorid (Livada village), to the south Sânicolau Român, and to the west is on the border with Hungary.

Toboliu covers an area of 4.233 ha of which 3.993 ha is agricultural land and 240 ha of non-agricultural land. Population density in both villages is 53.9 inhabitants per km2.
Toboliu lies at the contact point of Crişurilor Plain with Miersig Plain, on the Crişul Repede River and the Crişurilor Channel.

The community is crossed by Crişul Repede River. The path of the river crosses a section of Pădurea Craiului Mountains, and reaches its peak in Oradea. Annual average river flow of Crişul Repede River increased from 12.1 m3 / s (381.8 mil. m3/year) in Ciucea section, to 25.4 m3 / s (801.6 mil. m3/year) in Oradea section. Oradea. The input of the main branch Drăgan River, is 6,83 m3/s (215,5mil.m3/year).

Considering its location in the western part of the country in the Crisul basin, the climate of Toboliu falls within the temperate continental climate type with western influences (ocean) and the Mediterranean. Average annual temperature is 10°C in the western plains (according to the meteorological stations: Săcueni, Oradea, Salonta Chişineu Cris). Average annual rainfall varies between 500-600 mm and annual average wind speeds are between 1-3 m / s

Road connection is insured by the county road DJ 797 Oradea - Cheresig – Inand, being located at a distance of 20 km from Oradea.

The settlement is crossed by one line belonging to CFR, linking Oradea to Cheresig village. In the community there are two railway stations: Toboliul and Cheresig. Currently, the railway route Oradea - Cheresig is under conservation.

Toboliu is made up by Toboliu and Cheresig villages. On January 10, 2008, the village of Toboliu became the residence of Toboliu local authority, created by the reorganization of Girişu- Criș village, under Law 375/2007.

Newly established local authority has 3442 hectares of arable land, 531 hectares of pasture and 20 ha of orchards. Soil quality contributes to the well-known agricultural products (Toboliu sprouts), combined with available water resources (Crișul Repede River). In Toboliu there untapped geothermal waters, which are listed among potential resource of the Bihor county.


Toboliu has facilities for the police station, local medical centers, pharmacies and two cultural community centers, two primary schools and secondary schools that include kindergarten. In terms of tourist attraction, we mention Turnul Ciung (Donjon fortress), dating from the thirteenth and fourteenth century from Cheresig. Built of bricks in the middle of a field, is surrounded by a circular land wave that was probably palisades in the past. It was besieged and burned by Gheorghe Doja troops in 1514. Other attractions are the churches, monuments of War Heroes and green areas around water courses – Crișul Repede River and collecting channels of the river.