Comuna Cetariu


The settlement is located in the north-west of Bihor County, in the North-West Development Region. Within Oradea Metropolitan Area Cetariu lays in the north-east its composing villages developing on the course of the local road DC32. In respect to the county seat, Cetariu is lies at a distance of 13 km.
From an administrative point of view Cetariu is neighbored: to the north by Biharia and Sălard, to the east Sîrbi, to the south Ineu and Paleu and to the west Biharia again.

Cetariu consists of four villages located on the western-eastern part of the whole settlement: Cetariu, Tăutelec, Şişterea and Şuşturogiu. The seat of the local authority is (Cetariu) with a population greater than that found in the other villages due to a better access way offered by the county road DJ 767F.
Access to Cetariu is made through county road DJ 767 F, connecting the settlement to the town of Oradea. Locally, access to the other villages Şişterea and Şuşturogiu is done through the local road DC 32. Access to Cetariu cannot be realized through railway, the nearest railway station being the one in Oradea. Cetariu is located at an approximated distance, of 20 km to the International Airport of Oradea.

The total area of Cetariu is 65.34 km2, of which 72% is agricultural land (46.87 km2). In relation to the area of Oradea Metropolitan Area, Cetariu covers 8.7%, being the third largest member after Nojorid (125.57 km2) and Oradea (115.56 km2).

The surface of Cetariu decreased significantly in 2003 when the southern part of the settlement formed another local administration (Paleu). Therefore from a total surface of 113,20 km2, Cetariu reached 65,34 km2 (-42,3%).

Cetariu is located in a hilly area, connecting the mountain areas in the eastern part of the county (Bihorului Mountains, Codru-Moma Mountains, Pădurea Craiului and Plopoşului Mountains) to the plains in the west (Crişurilor Plain). The altitude of the Crişene hills, found on the administrative area of Cetariu, drop from 600 m, near the mountains to 200 m, above Crişurilor plain.

Climatic conditions in Cetariu are under the specific hillside climate found at the level of the county, under the influence of the western air circulations that carry humid oceanic air. The average annual temperature is between 7 ° - 10 ° C, average similar to the hilltop area in Bihor County. Average annual rainfall is 700-1000 mm/year and most frequent winds are the southern ones followed by the western ones and those from the northern part.




The main natural resource in Cetariu is agricultural land, its share in total land area being 72%. Of total agricultural land, 65.7% are arable lands, 17.2% pastures, 15.5% hay lands and 1.9% other lands. 
In the administrative area of Cetariu has the Botanic Natural Reservation Valea Roşie with an approximated surface of 4 ha.