Technical and Operational Apparatus

The technical-operational apparatus represents, by the employees personnel, the current activity structure of the Association, which works based on the organigram and job descriptions included in the Association's own Rules and Regulations for Functioning and on an Internal Regulations.

The following are among the technical and operational apparatus's attributions:

  1. Representing the permanent interface between the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, on the one side, and third parties on the other side;
  2. Fulfilling the specific tasks given by the manager;
  3. Writing and archiving the Association's documents, as well as a good management and use of the Association's own goods;
  4. Making the Rules and Regulations for Functioning for all the Association's structures and submitting them to the approval of the Board, making the job descriptions of the employed personnel and the Internal Regulations;
  5. Attributions in applying the development strategy and elaborating the territorial land plan;
  6. Working group for the Management of projects and priority development services;
  7. Administrative, executive and operational apparatus for coordinating and attracting investments;
  8. Fulfills the community development tasks.
  9. The technical-operational apparatus is managed by a General Director named and dismissed by the Board of Directors upon the proposal of the President of the Association, among the representatives of the territorial-administratives units in the General Assembly.


  • Adrian Foghis - General Manager
  • Ciprian Barna-Project Coordinator
  • Maria Gavra-Executive Assistant
  • Sebastian Marcu-Legal Adviser
  • Letitia Motoc-Expert in project management
  • Botond Pete-Expert in project management
  • Lavinia Delcea-Expert in project management