General Assembly of the Associates

The General Assembly of the Associates is the highest coordination body, made of all the assigned representatives of the founding and associate members. The members' representatives in the General Assembly are assigned by the members' deliberating councils and they are later on acknowledged by the General Assembly of the Associates. The number of the members' representatives is proportionate to the population of the administrative units that are founding or associate members, namely one representative for each 10 000 inhabitants that are located in their administrative area, but not less than 3 (three) representatives for each member. Any new associate member that adheres after the Association has become a juridical person can have 3 representatives on the General Assembly. At the time when the Association was set up, there were 39 representatives of the members on the General Assembly.

The General Assembly of the Association meets at least once a year and has permanent control rights upon the Board of Directors and the Censor or Censorship Commission, depending on the case.

The attributions of the General Assembly of Associates refer to:

a) Achieving the aim and objectives of the Association;

b) Modifying and completing the Statute of the Association;

c) Approving the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Directors;

d) Approving the annual revenues and expenses budget and the accounting balance of the Association;

e) Being informed about the composition of the Board of Directors and the representatives assigned by the Association members;

f) Electing and revoking the Censor or the Censorship Commission;

g) Setting-up branches and/or other structures among those stipulated under art. 7, points iii) and iv) in the Statute;

h) The prerogatives and limits of the Board of Director's mandate;

i) Electing and revoking the president of the Association, who will also be the president of the Board of Directors;

j) Approving the long-term development strategy of the Association and/or area;

k) Approving the projects submitted by the Board of Directors;

l) Approving the admission of new members, as well as the exclusion of members from the Association;

m) Dissolving and closing the Association, as well as deciding the destination of the remaining goods;

n) Any other attributions stipulated by the law or which result from the Association's Statute.

The General Assembly of the Associates decides upon funding major objectives that are of common interest and it establishes the amounts of the members' contributions. The decisions of the General Assembly will be submitted to approval by the member deliberating councils, if these grants are in agreement with their competences in establishing their own budgets.

The decisions of the member deliberating councils that are contrary to certain decisions of the General Assembly, represent the “veto” right of the founding and associate members and function only with respect to the administrative territory of those members who oppose the approval of those decisions.

The founding members' right to “veto” can only be stated by the budget manager of the respective territorial-administrative unit or, in his/her absence, by his/her empowered representative in the Board of Directors and the General Assembly of the Associates.

The General Assembly of the Associates, by the representatives of the members in this organism, cannot make decisions that break the decisions of deliberative councils of the member territorial-administrative units, until these councils decide otherwise, at the initiative of the budget managers who are part of the Board and the General Assembly.