Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the administrating body of the Association, the one making sure that the decisions of the General Assembly are executed; it is composed of the mayors of the member territorial-administrative units, as titular members. Any of the titular members of the Board can assign persons to represent the respective territorial-administrative unit during the meetings of this organism, based on a mandate.

The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Mr ILIE BOLOJAN - President
  • Mr GEZA BATORI – Vicepresident
  • Mrs GIZELLA NAGY - Member
  • Mr BARNA VITALYOS - Member
  • Mr IOAN POP - Member
  • Mr LUCIAN POPUS - Member
  • Mr IOAN MARCUS - Member
  • Mr IOAN PASCA - Member
  • Mr PAVEL MAIER - Member
  • Mr DUMITRU TOGOR – Member

The Board of Directors has the following attributions:

  1. Presents to the General Assembly the activity report for the previous period, the execution of the budget, the accounting balance, the project for a new budget and for new future activities;
  2. Settles juridical papers in the name of and for the Association, all of which will be brought to the attention of the General Assembly;
  3. Convenes the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Associates and proposes its agenda;
  4. Assigns annually a vice-president for the Association, from among its members;
  5. Approves the organigram, the functional status of the Association's employees, who form a technical-operational apparatus (including the job descriptions, the Internal Regulations, the Rules and Regulations for Functioning) as well as its human resources policy;
  6. The Board of Directors elaborates the methodology and organizes the contest for the positions in the organigram approved by the General Assembly of the Associates;
  7. Proposes the assigning and revoking of the Censor to the General Assembly of the Associates;
  8. Fulfills any other attributions that are foreseen in the Rules and Regulations for Functioning and that are submitted for approval to the General Assembly of the Associates.

In exercising its competences, the Board of the Association does the following:

  • Coordinates the activities for updating the Economic Development Strategy of Oradea Metropolitan Area and the plans for the implementation of the programs and projects that are specific to the Area's development, including by setting-up implementation units, after having adhered to the EU;
  • Engages the Association in the relations with national and foreign public authorities, with international funders and organisms as well as with other actors whose participation is needed to obtain grants and loans for achieving objectives of shared interest;
  • Decides upon the initiation of shared interest projects and proposes these for approval to the deliberating councils of the Association members who are directly involved;
  • Presents the activity report covering the previous period to the General Assembly, as well as the execution of the budget of revenues and expenses, the project of the new budget and the Association's and metropolitan area's development program;
  • Delegates the current responsibilities of the Association's technical and operational personnel;
  • Fulfills any attributions mentioned by the Association's General Assembly in the Rules and Regulations for Functioning.